Naomi & Joseph's Rustic Persian Jewish Wedding

Landsdowne resort, leesburg, VA

They say in love, opposites attract. I say it couldn't be more beatiful! Seeing two people coming together as one from two opposite ends of the Jewish spectrum to me is the culmination of Ahdut (Jewish concept of oneness) We may have been scattered all over the world on the basis of hate but its time for us to come back together as one on the basic of love. As the Jewish nation should be Am Israel Chai!  

Naomi & Joseph got wed in a spectacular Landsdowne Resort in Leesburg, Virginia surrounded by their closest friends and family. Their ceremony was a culmination of both Sephardic and Ashkenazi cultures fusing wedding traditions from both Russian and Persian customs. The ceremony took place outdoors surrounded by a serene backdrop of country outdoors and golf course. Its been three years since I shot this wedding, yet its still as fresh as I shot it yesterday. The atmosphere was full of joy as any wedding but what made it special and so memorable for was seeing both Naomi and Joseph so openly in love with each other that it was hard to pass a moment without feeling uplifted by their genuine emotions they displayed for each other. A true match made in heaven.

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