Lets document your love from the beginning.

Love does not start at the proposal. Your journey does! Lets document it from the start.

Telling love stories is what we do and we would love to tell yours. Win a TOTALLY FREE proposal shoot and seal your love with your bride on camera. Here is what you need to do win.

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We will select a winner on Instagram live along with Bukharian Jewish Link. May the best story win.

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“We found Benjamin randomly through Google and after our initial video call we knew he was the one! Benjamin took his time explaining his process and guided us every step of the way on planning the perfect wedding day. Most other places we approached just sent us a price sheet and a contract. He also personally took his time designing every aspect of our beautiful album. Our book is not just a collection of the prettiest pictures he took of the day but a story book of the atmosphere we felt thought the day!”

—Adina & Daniel

“Having a mixed Moroccan & Bukharian Wedding we wanted to be respectful to both of our traditions and wanted to work with someone who understood the cultures. Benjamin and his team came back with more than what we where expecting. Our images are stunning! I would pay again just to experience what we did when we saw our image collection for the first time. Thank you Benjamin.”

—David & Natalie

“We have a large family and in the past used the so called high end photographers with 100 awards. What you where able to capture is simply not the same. I feel every image in my wedding book! Thank you for putting up with our super large family and guiding us every step of the way as if we where doing this for the first time. Our video is on a different level too and I take out our beautiful photos every time we have guest... now almost 3 years after. My siblings are so jealous but in a good way!”

—Dassi & Nechi

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