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Thank you for taking the extra step in learning more about what I do. Thanks to my incredible team of creatives and professional photographers I now offer my wedding and portrait photography services in United States and abroad. In order to help you make the right decision, below please read through our most frequently asked question. Getting yourself familiarized with whats below will help you understand our process and what you can expect when you choose to work with us.


Will Benjamin Kohen be at our wedding as the main photographer?

Due to high demand, Benjamin Kohen books all weddings on first come first basis. Clients whose wedding date falls on a date already booked for another event will have a chance to choose from our exclusive list of photographers. The best way to insure Benjamin shoots your wedding is to book early.

Does having a photographer other than benjamin Kohen cost less?

All of our second shooter are highly skilled wedding photographers who have shot hundreds of weddings and have also been trained by Benjamin Kohen to produce the type of images you see on our site. Therefore, we feel it being not fair to pay them less, especially if they are documenting your day from beginning to the end with the same passion as would Benjamin Kohen himself.

Do you provide video coverage?

We travel all over the United States and the beyond and while we do offer video coverage for our New York clients our video offerings is limited for destination weddings.

Do you take wedding assignments on Friday and Saturday?

Yes of course. Our team of professionally trained photographers can accommodate any day of the week.

What are your travel fees?

We do not charge for travel within 50 miles radius of Queens, over that the charge is $1 per mile when driving per team member. For international Travel or destination weddings, the travel feels are a flat rate fee of $2500 which include air travel, hotel accommodations plus travel and insurance within the destination.

Are you Insured?

Of course! We carry an insurance policy which is acceptable by all New York and New Jersey venues as well as any major venue in US. For International Clients, the travel fee quoted above covers insurance as well.

Do I get digital Files from my wedding day?

We believe that images taken at your wedding are yours. We will deliver you all the best images we shot on your wedding day. Typically, from a 10 hour wedding you can expect to receive anywhere 800-900 (with one photographer or 1200-1400 with 2nd crew) edited images you can print up 8x10. Clients wanting to print larger can purchase individual files in high res at $35 per image or acquire full printing rights at additional cost.

Do I have copyright to the images you shot at our wedding?

All the images we provide our clients are theirs to keep and do with them what they please for personal use only. Meaning you can have your images printed and shared online but these images cannot be sold to a magazine or published without our written permission. In most cases we wont mind having out work published so just ask. Our images are our business cards and we simply want to make sure it is seen in the best possible light.

So When do we see the pictures?

Typically you will start seeing your images 4-6 weeks after the wedding day. Maybe sooner. Actually, most of the time sooner. We post our favorites on our Instagram and Facebook pages and you can tag yourself and your friends if you choose to do so. By the end of that process, you will receive a drive with all the images and the selection of our favorites. You will also receive a link to a password-protected online gallery that you can share with your friends and family if you decide to do so.

Can We get the RAW Images? I am a photographer / designer / photo editor

Sorry but that’s very much like asking Vera Wang to give you her design details/specifics of your wedding dress to be recreated somewhere else. This is our work and our talent so that part is not for sale.

Are we your kind of clients?

We don’t look at our couples as clients. You are (if you go with us) our friend! We are not your typical vendor, we live the wedding day with you and keep in touch prior and many years after the wedding is over. But we do ask you to kindly review our style prior to deciding on us. We are not your typical wedding photographers. We have a unique style (or we so believe) and it’s very dramatic, colorful and different. We will always capture your day exactly how it went and will photograph your smile, your details and your first kiss. We will do it in a unique kind of way so that no one else will have pictures like that. Our aim is to create images that inspire and keep us moving up. We have been pretty lucky to be found by most amazing people who give us privilege to capture their love. So we never take it lightly or treat it as “another project". What we are trying to say is that if you looking for one of a kind images and not afraid to have an awesome experience (and some cool shots after that), we are YOUR KINDA guys!

What is your deposit requirement and cancellation policy?

We strive to accommodate our clients on individual basis where possible however our deposits are set anywhere from 30%-50% (depending on the total amount) and are nonrefundable in the event of cancellation. Events canceled less than six weeks before the event date require payment in full.


“Having a mixed Moroccan & Bukharian Wedding we wanted to be respectful to both of our traditions and wanted to work with someone who understood the cultures. Benjamin and his team brought more than what we where expecting. Our images are stunning! I would pay again just to experience what we did when we saw our image collection for the first time. Thank you Benjamin.”

—David & Natalie

“We found Benjamin randomly through Google and after our initial video call we knew he was the one! Benjamin took his time explaining his process and guided us every step of the way on planning the perfect wedding day. Most other places we approached just sent us a price sheet and a contract. He also personally took his time designing every aspect of our beautiful album. Our book is not just a collection of the prettiest pictures he took of the day but a story book of the atmosphere we felt thought the day!”

—Adina & Daniel

“We have a large family and in the past used the so called high end photographers with 100 awards. What you where able to capture is simply not the same. I feel every image in my wedding book! Thank you for putting up with our super large family and guiding us every step of the way as if we where your only clients. Our video is on a different level too and I take out our beautiful photos every time we have guest... now almost 3 years after. My siblings are so jealous but in a good way!”

—Dassi & Nechi

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