Ricky & Solly

Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation, Long Island NY

Solly's father is an avid amateur photographer. When Benjamin captured what was an ordinary community party at the Sephardic Lebanese Center in Brooklyn and made it look like an epic event, he immediately connected with him. Solly knew how important photography was to both of us. We both come from very traditional Sephardic homes. Solly comes from a Lebanese/Syrian background and I come from a mix of Syrian and Bukharian home. We knew our event would be filled with customs and traditions we just couldn't trust just to anyone. When we saw Benjamin's portfolio of events from pretty much every Jewish wedding tradition out there we knew he was the one. And boy did he not disappoint! At our initial video conference, Benjamin took his time explaining his process and guided us every step of the way in planning the perfect wedding day. Most other places we approached just sent us a price sheet and a contract. He also personally took his time designing every aspect of our beautiful album. Our book is not just a collection of the prettiest pictures he took of the day but a storybook of the atmosphere we felt throughout the day! Our engagement session was also very helpful in assuring us that our wedding photos would be just as epic and timeless. We couldn't recommend Benjamin enough and do so to all our friends.

David & Natalie

Leonardo Palazzo wedding, Long Island NY

Having a mixed Moroccan & Bukharian Wedding we wanted to be respectful of both of our traditions and wanted to work with someone who understood the cultures. Benjamin and his team came back with more than what we were expecting. Our images are stunning! I would pay again just to experience what we did when we saw our image collection for the first time. Thank you, Benjamin! It's almost too good to be true really! You find a team randomly on Google and all your wedding planning problems go away. Benjamin's team took their time to connect with the right vendors, asked the right questions, and took care of all the permits we didn't even know we needed way before the big day.

Tal & Elad

The Metropolitan Ballroom, Brooklyn, NY

Who would have known that the tone of the event is set more by the photography team than the ambiance we were trying to build with our decor? Benjamin came highly recommended but neither Elad's nor my family ever worked with Benjamin Kohen. Both mine and Elad's wedding was the first major event for our families. So, we really didn't know what to expect. Looking back at it all now, we truly lucked out with having worked with Benjamin and his amazing team. He worked with us for hours creating the perfect timeline and made sure to connect us with locations that would work best for us based on what we were trying to do. Our event ran very late when we realized that my dresser had forgotten to steam the dress which took away a good hour out of our plans. Benjamin came up with a new plan of action literally on the spot and made sure we stayed calm throughout the day. Our photos are insane!!! I can't stop posting all over social media. Our engagement session was nothing I would have ever expected either. Benjamin stylized the shoot to fit our personalities and every photo belongs in a magazine.

Nicole & David

Magen David of West Deal, NJ

David and I are very busy on a daily and hardly had the time to work on our wedding. Lucky for us both we had an amazing team. Our planner and decorator recommended Benjamin. We didn't know anything about him except for what she said. Benjamin spent hours upon hours making sure everything was in order. Our timeline was so well organized, that our event was truly one big party. Everyone just lived the moments as they came, naturally! Having a mix of Syrian and Persian/Israeli weddings, there was a lot of energy to deal with. Benjamin was very sensitive to our family's dynamics and cultural differences and made everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Our images and videos are unreal.

Addi & Marc

Kol, Yaakov, Brooklyn NY

We have a large family and in the past used the so-called high-end photographers with 100 awards. What you were able to capture is simply not the same. I feel every image in my wedding book! Thank you for putting up with our super large family and guiding us every step of the way as if we were doing this for the first time. Our video is on a different level too and I take out our beautiful photos every time we have guest... now almost 3 years after. My siblings are so jealous but in a good way!

Rachel and Barry

Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation, Long Island, NY

Barry and I were still in med school in two different parts of the world. I was overseas and Barry was deep in upstate New York. We had no time at all to plan our wedding. We met Benjamin briefly via video call when he came to meet my father at our home late Saturday night. Barry comes from an Ashkenaz Israeli background and I come from a Bukharian Ashkenaz background. There was a lot to consider. Our families flew from all over the world to celebrate with us and everyone was a little anxious. Benjamin took care of the entire day, from recommending vendors to choosing a pre-wedding location to making sure our family's sensitivities were accounted for. At the end of the wedding, we had a very vibrant and culture-rich Bukharian Djoma Dance. Neither of us was too familiar with what was going to happen next. Benjamin was there for us even then and danced the night away with us like family. Our wedding album is not normal. Benjamin put his signature on it by curating the collection of images he thought were best for us and boy oh boy did he not disappoint. Go for the signature album. Its the ultimate experience.

Jen & Glenn

The Heritage Club, New Jersey

Benjamin's dedication to his craft blew us away. He was with us till the end of our wedding and was helpful in scheduling and ensuring we had a wedding day and not a day full of run around and hassle. The images we walked away with are so us and what we experienced on our wedding day. We were pleased with our experience and recommend Benjamin and his amazing team to everyone we know. You should see our album. It's to die for!!

Tali & Amir

Tel Aviv, Israel, wedding

Life is nothing but a series of opportunities. One such opportunity was meeting Benjamin. Tali and I met Benjamin on a plane to Israel. We were traveling home from our vacation in the States and Benjamin was moving to Israel! We had a pretty awesome time on a long flight back and got to know him over drinks. Benjamin offered a free engagement shoot just because and we seized the opportunity. When we saw our photos we just couldn't believe that someone would just give away that experience and quality for free! We decided to become Benjamin's first clients in the holy land. We had a very large wedding and despite Benjamin's first rodeo in Tel Aviv, as a professional, he just made it happen. He worked tirelessly with our Israeli vendors and found pre-wedding locations and his documentary-style wedding capture left us with a huge collection of images we couldn't be happier to walk away with. I am not sure what I find more impressive, Benjamin's ability to adapt to new environments or what he delivered. I recommend him with my eyes closed.

Jackeline & Solomon

Ascent Lounge, NYC

I am so happy I came across Benjamin. Jackie's family is from Spain and mine is from Mexico. Our requirements are slightly different. Jackie spent years in the fashion industry and is an aspiring model back home, and I knew that photography was super important to her even before starting to plan my secret proposal. Benjamin documented my mom's and stepfather's wedding in their home in Deal, NJ over the summer and my mom couldn't stop raving about him. When I shared my plans with Benjamin, he just snapped into work mode. My proposal was last minute as Jackie only had a few days to spend in the states before she had to go back to Mexico. Benjamin just brought his A-game. Our images and video look fantastic. Benjamin and his team were super discrete at the surprise proposal. Jackie had no idea!! Our mini wedding/engagement party in NYC was documented by Benjamin and his team as well and our photos truly look like a mini wedding celebration. While Benjamin couldn't capture our wedding in Mexico due to scheduling, we couldn't be happier to have worked with him and will do so again at our next opportunity.

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