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Jewish wedding, couples portraits by the limo at Magen David of West Deal, NJ, by Benjamin Kohen Studios
Jewish wedding, couples portraits at Old Westbury Gardens,  by Benjamin Kohen Studios
Jewish Wedding, first look in Deal New Jersey, by Benjamin Kohen Studios
Jewish Wedding, hora dance at Leonard's Palazzo
Unveiling of the bride at Leonards Palazzo, Jewish wedding
Jewish syrian wedding Ohel Yaakob, Deal New Jersey
Jewish wedding, grooms Blessing by the father chuppah, ohel Yaakov Deal New Jersey
Jewish Wedding couple under the chuppah
Cute Ring and tzitit boy walking down the chuppah isle
Dramatic couples portrait of a jewish couple at The Estate at Florentine Gardens
Orthodox Jewish dance, jewish bride running out to dance at The Estate at Florentine Gardens
Jewish wedding couples portraits at the Westbury Gardens
Jewish wedding couple at the planting fields arboretum
Chattan, jewish groom, looking down the isle seeing his bride walking down the isle
Hassidic grandmother blessing her grandson before the chuppah
Dramatic bridal entrance to the chuppah being walked down by her parents, hassidic wedding
DJ Alex at bukharian Jewish Wedding
Bride and groom under a floral chuppah
Orthodox Jewish wedding, groom breaking the glass
Jewish wedding cutting wedding cake and celebrating with a kiss
ashkenazi groom singing with this buddies after first dance
Dramatic jewish bridal wedding portrait
Jewish groom putting a ring on his bride under the chuppah
Candid jewish wedding portrait in Monsey New york
Yaakov Swecky signing the ketubah for a jewish wedding couple, brooklyn ny
hassidic children watching the mitzvah tanz
editorial jewish wedding couples portrait at old westbury gardens
a jewish brides portrait at marina Del Rey, Bronx New york
a candid jewish wedding portrait of bride and groom at modern jewish wedding in brooklyn NY
dramatic jewish wedding portrait for Hassidic Jewish couple on their wedding day
Jewish couple wedding portraits, kosher jewish wedding photography
Jewish wedding ceremony, chuppah, groom look at his bride walking down the isle
Hora dance, Jewish wedding
Hassidic father blessing his daughter at her wedding day
Jewish wedding photography at planting fields arboretum
dramatic jewish bridal portrait at Sands Atlantic beach, jewish wedding
Syrian jewish wedding at Ohel Yaakov, Deal New Jersey
Jewish wedding, first dance, first kiss, chuppah
kosher wedding photography keitzad Merakdim dance, jewish wedding
Parents walking their daughter down the isle at jewish wedding chuppah
Bukharian jewish wedding dance off
Jewish wedding photography at ohel yaakov, congregation of west deal
jewish wedding photography of deal new Jersey, syrian wedding photographer
Jewish wedding photography at The Rockleigh, ashkenazi jewish wedding
editorial jewish wedding photography, at ohel yaakov, congregation of west deal, New Jersey
Hassidic jewish wedding, rabbi showing the ring to the groom under the chuppah
dramatic portraits of bridal party at jewish wedding, congregation shaare zion, brooklyn, New york
classic jewish wedding portrait at old westbury gardens new york
jewish couple waking down the isle after chuppah
jewish wedding couple under the chuppah groom putting on a ring on a bride
hassidic bathan at the mitzvah tanz, hassic wedding custom
Rabbi Yekutiel Abuchatzeira saying blessing under chuppah, jewish wedding photography at the rockleigh country club, new jersey
bride embrases mother waking down the wedding isle to the chuppah, syrian wedding at congregation of west deal, ohel Yaakob
jewish wedding couple prays under the chuppah
Jewish bride sitting at her chain at the Badeken at her jewish wedding
Dramatic jewish bridal portrait in Monsey New York
Dramatic jewish wedding portrait of a groom at the Terrance on the Park wedding hall
Jewish wedding ceremony, chuppah ceremony bride and groom, hatach and kallah
Orthodox jewish wedding, mitzvah Tanz
jewish bride circles around her groom under the chuppah, orthodox jewish wedding
jewish wedding photography
syrian jewish wedding couple pray under the chuppah at shaare zion congregation brooklyn, new york
ashkenazi jewish wedding, bride walks down the isle with parent to the chuppah
jewish wedding hora dance
dramatic jewish wedding portrait in monsey new york
The badeken, ashkenazi jewish wedding brooklyn new york
mom holds on to the ketubah at the jewish wedding under the chuppah
chazan mordechai Salem walking down the isle singing at the jewish wedding at the rockleigh country club, new jersey
unveiling of the bride at the syrian sephardic jewish wedding at congregation of west deal, New jersey, jewish wedding photography
dramatic jewish wedding portrait under the chuppah at congregation share zion brooklyn new york
dramatic after wedding jewish wedding couples portrait, ashkenazi kosher wedding
first dance at bukharian jewish wedding, leonards palazzo
unveiling of the bride at the badeken, ashkenazi jewish wedding brooklyn new york
jewish wedding couple portraits after chuppah for hassic jewish wedding
Syrian sephardic jewish couple is holding their ketubah after signing
dramatic bridal portrait at the terrance on the park wedding hall
orthodox jewish wediding, mother giving her son a blessing before the chuppah
syrian jewish wedding, congregation of west deal, bride getting blessing from her father and brother
ashkenazi jewish wedding walking off the chuppah

We love documenting wedding stories and thrive in multicultural Jewish wedding traditions. In fact, sometimes, we forget its work. Whether a hug from your mom, a blessing from a grandparent, a cheerful moment at the Hossons Tisch, a Rabbi's speech under the chuppah, or a wild moment on the dance floor we'll be there, every step of the way, living those moments alongside you! Our approach is very candid but with an editorial flair. Dive into some of our favorite weddings to relive our client's experiences as closely as your future family will relive yours, through your wedding photos!

Jen & Glen

The Heritage Club, NJ  

Jen and Glen's wedding at The Heritage club, in New jersey was filled with authentic Jewish wedding traditions and genuine emotions  filling the rustic yet romantic venue with cheerful ambiance of laughter and joy.

Ricky & Solly

old westbury hebrew congregation

Ricky and Solly's luxury Jewish wedding started at the iconic NYIT D'Seversky Mansion where they shared intimate moments before the big day. Long Island's Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation, set the stage for their chuppah blending ancient Syrian and Moroccan wedding traditions. Their friend and family kept the energy going on the dance floor all night long.

Rachel & Barry


All fairy tale weddings start at the castle and this one is no exception. Rachel and Barry started their wedding day at the legendary Old Westury Gardens and continued their celebration at the Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation. Their families Ashkenaz and Sephardic wedding traditions made their wedding a memorable treat.  

Nicole & David

Magen David of West Deal, NJ

Congregation Magen David of West Deal in New Jersey has become the de facto venue for summer weddings for the Sephardic community of Brooklyn. Nicole and David shared all the Israeli and Syrian Jewish wedding traditions under their stunning chuppah decor by the renowned Lauren Halimi of The One Hospitality Group.  Davids friends brought the Israeli dance energy straight from Tel Aviv.

Kristina & mark

Allegria hotel, long Island, NY

Kristina and Mark wanted the castle vibes but also planned an intimate wedding. We started their day at the Hempstead house and continued their wedding celebration at the Allegra Hotel rooftop.  Mark thought of every detail especially the ketubah. Kristina Looked stunned in her Galia Lahav dress.

Addie & Mark

Kol Yaakov Brooklyn, NY

Addie and Mark are both IDF soldiers and met during their service in Israel, but happened to have both lived in NYC. Love will always find you even halfway across the globe. Their wedding was filled with genuine emotions, intertwined with Sephardic Syrian and Moroccan wedding traditions. The Moroccan Henna totally stole the show!

Lizzy & Albert

nicotras ballroom, Staten Island, NY

Lizzy and Albert tied the knot at the peak of summer in the stunning Nacotras Ballroom in State Island, New York. Their wedding was highlighted by a 30ft Chuppah adorned with flowers, custom painted Ketubah, and a shofar which was blown during the ceremony by both families' Chabad Rabbi. The chuppah ceremony was followed by a killer reception and nonstop dancing with Georgrian and Bukharian music vibes.

Janet & David

Leonardo palazzo, long island, NY

Janet and David couldn't wait to get married during the Covid-19 pandemic having their wedding day moved 4 times. We spent countless hours working with Janet to make sure her special day was a hit. We started the day at the iconic Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park when they both enjoyed stunning park grounds. Their Bukharian wedding was full of color and traditions, unlike anything we've seen before. The Bukharian Djoma wedding dance was a total hit.

Judith & Shlomo

The Rockleigh Country Club, NJ

Romantic vibes is what we live for and Judith and Shlomo totally brought it. Set at the iconic Rockleigh Country Club in New Jersey, this Jewish wedding was full of energy and deep emotion. The classic Jewish wedding vibes of the Badeken the Chossons Tische and the chuppah were followed by nonstop dancing and speeches.

Rebecca & Eli

private residence, deal NJ

Love will always find a way. This Covid-19 wedding was a total hit. Set at Rebecca's ancestral home, Rebecca and Eli were surrounded by their closest friends and family. The Syrian Jewish Wedding traditions guided both families through the custom-designed ketubah signing and traditional Chuppah ceremony officiated by both families' family Rabbi.

Rachel & Avi

Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation

Rachel and Avi totally brought the energy. Avi a renowned wedding designer with the legendary Birch Events Design and Rachel a master PR Account Executive at the Anelis Group met while working on a project for Birch Events. Their orthodox Jewish wedding was highlighted by a custom Chuppah built by Avi a custom wedding dress and a totally epic dance off even with a Mechitza. Rachel and Avi made every moment count!

Esther & Osher

da'mikelle illagio, queens, NY

Esther was a total princes in her custom embroidered wedding dress and brought the stunningly modest vibes of an orthodox Jewish bride. Osher and Esther's Bukharian and Ashkenazi family traditions fused the families with beautiful Badeken, the chosson Tische, AND the Bukharian Djoma wedding dance in stunning color. Following their portrait session at Central Park's Bethesda Terrace, their energy-full wedding took place at iconic Da'Mikelle Illagio where guests enjoyed a killer reception and dancing.

sarah & nechemya

factory 220, new jersey

Sarah and Nechemya were rad. Everything about this rustic and intimate wedding was perfect.  From the custom embroidered wedding dress to the floral adorned chuppah and custom design ketubah to the venue that kept giving. Sarah and Nechemya had a classic Ashkenazi wedding and opted for an after-wedding photo shoot.







Naomi & Yosef

Landown resort, VA  









rivky & Joseph

Hilton Universal studios, LA Ca  









Shoshana & Josh

Marina Del Rey, bronx, NY  









Devorah & simcha

The sands, atlantic beach, NY  









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